Monday, September 29, 2008

Copyright issues as a writer

I have decided to focus on issues of copyright as it concerns creative writing. I am doubly concerned about this issue, as a writer myself, and as someone who has worked/will work with adolescent learners and writers.

I want to explore the issues of copyright protection that exist for work created by non-published writers. I am always especially cautious with my work, which I believe sometimes holds me back: I am nervous that my ideas are not protected, and this prevents me from joining writing groups and work shopping my pieces.

I have always worked under the assumption that once something is written down, it is protected unofficially by copyright law...but that requires a certain level of morality from others...I want to use this blog to explore what rights and protections REALLY exist for non-published writers, especially student authors. The threat of having work stolen may prevent individuals from writing...this is something I aim to find out.

So far, I have lots of questions, and no answers. As I find the answers, I will update.

Thank you for traveling this road with me!

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