Friday, October 3, 2008

Interesting video clip on student rights

So today I want to focus on the rights of students to protect their work, whether or not they register for copyright. Ball State has a brief video clip informing students of their protections which can be accessed at

What do you think of the video? I find it interesting that this is geared at university students. I suppose many students, regardless of age, never think about owning the rights to their work, and may give it up to teachers and professors without thinking to protect their copyright. When I was teaching, I always asked my students for permission to keep/display their work, but I was never intending to publish any of the work, simply to use it as examples for future assignments.

In college and the rest of the adult world, I believe that the responsibility to know copyright policies and demand protection for work rests with the individual who has created the work. However, in k-12 schools, I believe it is the duty of the teacher, media specialist, and other professionals to continuously educate students on copyright policy, and to make sure they go to bat for the protection of their student's work.

Ball State University. (2008). Copyright for students. Retrieved October 3, 2008 from


Erica said...

I had difficulty viewing the video, but I still wanted to respond to your posting.

I think it's great that Ball State informs students about protecting their work. In my classroom, I always make a point to let children know I'll be hanging up their work or ask their permission if it wasn't part of a group activity.

I would hope that educators in higher education and high school would understand the rights of students, even if it is not requested of the faculty/staff.

Cloudscome said...

Yes I think teachers sometimes think or act as if the students' work belonged to the teacher after it's turned in. It's good to be reminded that it belongs solely to the student and those rights are protected.

jenmcconnel said...

I think you are both very right. I just find it interesting that even in a university setting, students are often not aware of their rights to their work...

Perhaps copyright needs to be addresses as part of the writing curriculum in our k-12 schools?