Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To copyright or not to copyright?

After looking into the issue of copyright, I suppose my fears about the protection of my work are mostly unfounded. I have always been nervous when submitting poetry for publication, because in the back of my mind has always been the worry that someone might try to steal my work (not that it's that good, but I have to believe some of it is at least worth stealing!)

However, I realize now that the minute I create a document, I own the copyright. I suppose this puts my mind at rest regarding my poetry submissions, but if I ever finish that novel I've been working on, I think I would very seriously consider having it officially registered with the copyright organization before seeking a publisher, just to cover my bases.

This has been a really informative study for me, and it was exceptionally interesting to see copyrights upheld even for unpublished standardized tests! I hope you have enjoyed following my journey.

Before I close this blog, are there any questions that you still find yourself asking regarding copyright and creative writing? I will do my best to provide answers!

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